Dr. Jeff Jarvis gives the Student of the month award.On Tuesday, September 21st , we honored our first Student/Teacher of the Year for the 2010—11 School Year. Our featured school was Diablo Vista Middle School.

Dr. Jeff Jarvis was the sponsor for Diablo Vista Middle School. His wife, Pam, is also a teacher at the school. He filled in for Del Chandler in introducing, Principal, Rebecca Ingram, and giving out the awards.

Jackson Wightman was honored as the Student of the Year. His parents were proud to hear his principal praise him as an out-standing young man, not only active in school leadership, but active outside of school.

Jim Salvi, a Math Teacher at Diablo Middle School was honored as the Teacher of the Year. He started teaching after spending many years in private industry. He is the type of teacher that some-how has made math inter-esting and has mentored many budding mathematicians.

Diablo Vista Middle School is located at 4100 Camino Tassajara in Danville. The school opened in 2000 and now has almost 850 students.