Asante Africa Foundation

Educating Children | Transforming Worlds

Our Rotary has had a strong relationship with Asante Africa. This is a globally guided organization with a program ecosystem designed to deliver educated resilient youth into the workforce and communities capable of managing obstacles and opportunities. The youth we work with come from rural and frequently forgotten communities. Their focus is on students from Kenya and Tanzania.

For the past few years, our Rotary has been providing scholarships to several students as they work to advance themselves and the people around them through education.

Beyond the individual scholarship, we funded 3 projects during 2016-17.
1) Desks at a deeply rural school – LENGINA Primary School. CLICK HERE for the report on the project.
2) A water harvesting system at Nchaishi Primary school – ( gutters and tanks for catching the rain). Now all they need is rain. They are in a very serious drought. CLICK HERE for the report on the project.
3) The 3rd project ( ICT in the classroom). Teachers are being trained with tablets this week so the report on this project is pending.
Beyond the above, the Danville/Sycamore Valley Rotary has collaborated with Asante Africa on numerous other projects. Here are some images showcasing this strong partnership.