Rotarian Steve McKae and Creekside Librarian Larissa WorthOur Program Director Extraordinaire for 2010-11 , Steve McKae, presented the speaker books to Creekside Librarian, Larissa Worth. After each speaker’s presentation, Steve presented a short synopsis of each book he chose for the benefit of the club and speaker. Then the speaker signed the donation plate inside the book cover. Some of the books given include:

  • Robert Lewis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ signed by Dr Hatcher, Center for the Pacific Rim
  • Dr Seuss’ ‘If I ran the Zoo’ signed by Bud MacKenzie, Trust in Education
  • Grace Lin’ “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon’ signed by Hon. Stuart Hing
  • Linda Sue Park’ ‘A long Walk to Water’ signed by Dennis Lyamuya, Mt Kilimanjaro Guide

Complete list:

Author Title In Appreciation Of
Linda Sue Park A Long Walk to Water Dennis Lyamuya (Mount Kilimanjaro guide)
Sharon Creech Walk Two Moons Tom Delfino
Rodman Philbrick The True Adventures of Homer P. Figg Carol Johnson
Anthony Hope The Prisoner of Zenda Vic Georgiou
James Thurber The Wonderful O Colette Ankenman
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Hound of the Baskervilles Jean Ohman (San Ramon Valley Historian)
William Pene du Bois The Twenty-One Balloons Chief Steve Simpkins (Danville Police Department)
Cynthia Kadohata kira-kira Katy Jarvis and Cora Henderson
Carolyn Keene The Secret of the Old Clock Gil Jardine
Dr. Cuthbert Soup A Whole Nother Story Peter Crooks
Marie Sellier Renoir’s Colors Gary Vilhauer
Philip C. Stead A Sick Day for Amos McGee Tamara Hunter (Putnam Clubhouse)
Berkeley Breathed Mars Needs Moms Ran Halog (Ala Costa Centers)
Ken Robbins Food for Thought Dr. James Felton (Center for Environmental Health Sciences, U.C. Davis)
Gloria Whelan and Peter Sylvada Yatandou Sheila Hurst
Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo Budd McKenzie (Trust in Education)
Laban Carrick Hill Dave the Potter Randall Iwasaki (Contra Costa County Transportation Authority)
Karen Hesse Out of the Dust Dr. Frank Sulloway (U.C. Berkeley Institute of Personality and Social Research)
Grace Raymond Hebard Sacajawea Hon. Jerry McNerney (United States House of Representatives)
Laura Ingalls Wilder Little Town on the Prairie Susan Hill and Ted Rose (Project Amigo)
Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island Dr. Patrick Hatcher (Center for the Pacific Rim)
Rebecca Stead When You Reach Me Hays Englehart
Jean Lee Latham Carry on, Mr. Bowditch Seoin Moon (California Maritime Academy)
Charles W. Maynard John Muir Dr. Robert Schock (2007 Nobel Peace Prize Winner with the Interagency Panel on Climate Change)
Ginger Wadsworth Camping with the President Fred Rutledge (Principal at Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program)
William H. Armstrong Sounder Michael Copeland
Angela Farris Watkins My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart Karl Diekman (Rotary District Governor, District 5160)
Steven P. Medley Antelope, Bison, Cougar Steve Polcyn
Mina Javaherbin Goal! Dr. Kathrina Rashid
Mo Williams Knuffle Bunny Free Ltjg Nate Scott (USN)
Grace Lin Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Hon. Stuart Hing (Judge, Alameda County Superior Court)
Jon Agee The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau Sgt. Ted Anderson (Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office)
Graeme Base The Legend of the Golden Snail Trina Swerdlow
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey* Miss Hickory Joan Lafayette and Eleanor Bonner (Loaves and Fishes)
Robert McCloskey* Blueberries for Sal Daniel Borenstein (Contra Costa Times)
Brian Selznick* The Invention of Hugo Cabret Steve Enoch (Superintendent of Schools, SRVUSD)