• The following guidelines must be met by active members requesting a leave of absence (LOA):
    • Must be a member in good standing;
    • Must be current on all dues paid including RI and District Dues;
  • A request for LOA must include the following information:
    • Reason for the request and length of requested leave with an expected return
    • Leave shall not be for more than 90 At the conclusion of 90 days the board shall review to determine whether an extension is appropriate.
  • Requirements for member while on LOA:
    • Must pay all RI and District dues upon receipt of invoice;
    • May not have any past due balance (A/R) at time request is made and approved;
  • In taking into consideration whether or not to grant the members request for LOA, the Board shall consider the following:
    • Years of Rotary service;
    • Years of Club service;
    • Attendance over the past 24 months;

Whether the member is active in leadership of the club (has  held a board position over the past 2 years);.

  • Whether the member actively participates in club activities;
  • The reason for the request and the duration of the leave;

Whether granting the request would further the goals of Rotary and serve the best interest of the individual member and the organization;

The Board must determine whether to 1) grant the request and specify the duration; or 2) deny the request and terminate the membership.

Revised:  January 2017