Today we honored the student and teacher of the month from Diablo Vista Middle School. Our student of the year was Jack Corcoran. Jack is a paragon of student leadership and involvement. He is involved in the student leadership group and musicals. As a student leader in the community, he has been involved in charity events including distribution of jackets to the needy. His involvement in musicals is not a just a cursory or lead role, but Jack makes sure to stay after rehearsals to thoroughly engage in all aspects of play production, learn as much as he can to advance his knowledge of the art, and help others out as well. Jack has received the Golden Hammer Award for extra student involvement. In addition he is a talented singer and has performed at Charity engagements.
Our teacher of the year from Diablo Vista Middle School with Mike Descombaz. Mike has been with the school since it’s inception in the late 1990s when it had just a little over 300 students. He is now engaged and handles more than 250 student contacts per day! Mike is a physical education teacher who works not only to help augment student physical and recreational health but to also make sure that they are socially accepted and know that they are an important part of the school as an individual. Mike is one of the most beloved figures on campus and is known affectionately Mr. “D”.
Today we were also privileged to hear from two of our members. First was Brandon Hill. Brandon shared with us that he recently left his long time employment with Mercedes-Benz dealership. He is now launching an exciting endeavor by starting his own business! His business is focused on auto sales and leasing. In particular the focus is on leasing pre-owned vehicles which is a niche market that Brandon hopes to grow. Currently his primary clientele include foreign transplants who are looking for quick access to a vehicle that grant them flexibility with no long-term commitments. Millennial‘s are also a prime customer base as they are in the stage of their career where they also need to be highly adaptable. Brandon’s services include “Sourcing & Delivery” of vehicles so customers typically need spend no more than 25 minutes in the office, thus, making more efficient use of their time. Brandon hopes to have two apps developed to increase time efficiency as well. And with regard to time, Brandon has more of that to spend at home now and has noticed weeds growing in the yard!
Next we heard from Kevin Kennedy. Kevin is an RPM mortgage lender and comes from a long-time real estate family here in the San Ramon Valley where he grew up. Kevin has a passion for helping families move into their dream home. For a number of years he has hosted an in-office “lunch and learn” and is now taking that out to the community. The idea is to inform and educate customers on the details of financing a home and how to incorporate it in their long-term financial plans. Kevin mentioned he has never seen the real estate market so robust. He feels that the growth this time is undergirded more firmly with much higher down payments primarily from cashed-out stock options and also from foreign investment. The increasing rise in housing prices he mentioned have to do with the simple economic law of supply and demand. Unfortunately, restrictive California regulations on land-use diminish and constrain the housing supply, thus driving up prices.

Kevin is a talented musician and has played guitar in rock bands much of his life. Recently, he was asked by the head pastor and others at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville to join the church band in giving rousing gospel rock performances at Services. Those of us who attends CPC enjoy seeing Kevin perform!

Quote of the Day: “Somebody is always doing what somebody else said couldn’t be done.“