Mike Sherrill

Mike Sherrill

Here is a message from incoming DSVR club Pres Mike Sherrill. (Mike will be at the helm from 7/1/2011 – 6/30/2012)

It’s that time again as we start a new Rotary year. As we transition to a new year, I want to thank Melanie for her leadership this year – Great Job!

This year’s theme for incoming RI President, Kalyan Banerjee is “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”. With that, the emphasis for President Banerjee is Family, Continuity (find what we do well and expand upon it) and Change, which begins with each of us. I fully support these points of emphasis and I hope you do as well.

I ask each of you to think about what gets you excited about Rotary and the Danville Sycamore Valley Rotary Club What makes you get up early each Tuesday morning to join us?  It is the Opportunity to Serve? Is it the Opportunity for Fellowship? Is it the bagels and oatmeal? OK, hopefully it’s the first two or something else!

Let’s look at ourselves and our Club and see what sparks that passion within each of us and harness it – Rotary will offer you an avenue for service!

As we enter this year, among my goals are to spread the word of Rotary to potential new Rotarians. Service Above Self is our mantra – it’s so important that we look for opportunities to serve and Do It! And last, but certainly not least – Let’s Have Fun!

I am honored to serve as your President this new Rotary year and am counting on each of you to help make it a great year. I’m just the tour guide!