Shelter Box – a global Rotary club project has delivered 3,300 shelter box packages to Haiti valued at $3,000,000 US dollars. In disaster relief it is important that response be prompt. Please note that this material is delivered with the help of ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members frequently Rotarians who coordinate with the many relief agencies on the ground. Actually there are now more than 3 SRT’s on site.

These boxes are released only to families and not to any government agencies. However, the SRT is trained to work with the agencies to place the housing packages so be near sanitation, food, fuel and water. Those items are frequently provided by other agencies. We cannot guarantee that any ShelterBox currently funded will go to Haiti, but may well go to the next major disaster along with an SRT, promptly as a first response. The need is great as ShelterBox warehouse is now basically empty. See how you can support them: ShelterBox Haiti Flyer